Monday, February 22, 2010

Thumbs, Tummies, and Toes

Hank is changing so fast in the past few weeks. He will now let me put him on his tummy for short period of time (still not a huge fan though). He LOVES to suck on his fingers, and my favorite-he has found his toes!! He's such a busy boy !!

Monday, February 1, 2010

3 Months

Happy 3 month birthday Hank! It is so amazing how much a baby changes in just 3 short months. Hank is such a big boy now! No more eat, sleep, poop, repeat for Hank-its now play, play, play...all day long! (although we still do the eat, sleep, poop in between). We had a trip to the doctor last week with Hank's first cold (don't worry-it sure didn't seem to bother him much, and he's all better now), at the appointment he weighed in at 15 lbs at 12 weeks, he's completely out of all his 3 month clothes, and in 6-9 month sizes. He's talking like crazy now, which makes his speech therapist mommy so proud. He can make all the vowel sounds, /g/ sounds, and just this weekend started making /m/ and /b/ sounds. He's just about to start blowing raspberries! Now he will sit in my lap or lay on the bed with me and just chatter away about whatever he's got on his mind! He continues to be such an active and alert guy. He's down to just two naps a day-a short morning nap, and then a longer afternoon nap. He's been consistently sleeping through the night for about 3 weeks now for about 11 hours-I am loving all the sleep! He can now grasp objects really well, and absolutely loves hanging out in his crib watching his mobile. He's just started sitting up really well in his bumbo seat, and will give a big belly laugh everytime he's sitting in it. He sits on the counter every night and helps me cook dinner. Just this week he's started jumping in his Johnny jump up, and seems really proud of himself for figuring that one out.

Now that I'm back at work 4 mornings a week, he spends his time playing with Cydni, his nanny. So far they seem to be having a great time together! It has been a challenge getting back to work-on one hand it feels really good to be back treating the kiddoes, but on the other I miss Hank terribly while I'm gone. I think part time work is perfect though, it really is the best of both worlds, and Hank seems to enjoy his time with his nanny. I'm not gonna lie, it is really nice to sit down to an hour lunch with adult conversation and not have a baby bouncing on my knees demanding attention. However, the best part of my work days are the huge smile he gives me when I walk in the door!

He changes every day, and in recent weeks, his personality has really started to show. He's no longer the needy, fussy newborn we brought home from the hospital. He's just plain FUN!

Hank being very serious about picture taking.
One of our many favorite activities, playing in the crib.
Hank has already discovered the Teletubbies
BIG belly laughs!
Another favorite-kicking in his diaper on the changing table
Working it in the play gym
Bumbo Boy! (and double chin boy!)
Hank now sits at the table with us during meals.

There's my favorite smile!
Enough with the pictures Ma!
His hands have found each other, always together then in the mouth.