Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fully Equipped

This past weekend was our couple's baby shower thrown by the moms and my wonderful, and amazing friend Becky who went above and beyond to make the whole event amazing for us! We can't thank them enough!! We had an absolutely beautiful, unseasonably unhumid day for the event-which was lucky since we had 50 people in attendance! It was amazing to see how many wonderful friends we have that will come out to celebrate this exciting time in our life with us. Baby Ritger is absolutely spoiled rotten already!! Our house now looks like an aisle in Babies R Us, and I'm just not quite sure where all of this stuff is going to fit in our little house.

Some pictures from the day....

Handmade afghan from Great Grandma Reba!
The college roomies together again!
Snuggle suit from Great Auntie Sue
It's Carter meeting his auntie Kim for the first time!

Question of the Week

For week 3 in the series...
Q: Have you had any strange food cravings/aversions while being pregnant?

A: I have not had any aversions while pregnant, this might have something to do with the fact that I did not have any morning sickness either. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I've been able to keep up my normal appetite throughout the pregnancy because I just love food way too much! I also wouldn't say that I've had any strange cravings either. Nothing that I have consistently craved throughout the pregnancy. There are times when something sounds really good (typically something sweet), but that isn't really any different from before pregnancy.

However, the other day someone asked me what I had been craving and Johnny overheard me saying "nothing really", then he told me to go look in our freezer and rethink my answer....
I took a look and this is what I found...
So maybe I've been having some hankerings for ice cream lately......

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome to my nest

In the past few weeks I have noticed a huge increase in nesting activities. I've been out at garage sales and clearance racks collecting books, toys, nursery decor, blankets, burp cloths, and adorable tiny clothing. It feels like a throwback to my doll-playing days as I fold up tiny little t-shirts, socks, and onesies. Because my nest is being built as we speak, I'm having to organize around my nest (which is getting increasingly difficult as I am running out of room). But have no fear! Hubby is underneath the house at this moment blowtorching in the middle of a rainstorm! The pressure is officially on.
Things have pretty much become all about the baby in our lives now. We have started our weekly childbirth classes, which feel straight out of a movie. The kind of
wacky lamaze instructor who guides all the eager first time couples through the birthing process using all sorts of diagrams and models of the female anatomy. Our class is even complete with the token class clown husband who snickers and makes a joke everytime she mentions the vagina or cervix. (I'm just glad this is not my husband)

We did our pregnancy pictures today with a wonderful photographer referred to us by our friend Jasmine. Next weekend is our couple's shower, we are so excited to have everyone over to our house for the first time. I will post pictures as soon as we get them!

I can't wait to put these on my little one!

29 weeks! I just keep getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Question of the Week

I think I've been asked this question at least 30 times over the weekend. Every conversation plays out as follows....

Q: Is it a boy or a girl?

A: We don't know, we want to be surprised!

Q: Do you have any feeling about what it is?

A: I'm not really sure. From the start I've just had this gut feeling that it is a boy, but that is probably because I have always pictured us with a house full of boys running around all muddy all the time with unexplained bumps, bruises, and scrapes. Then another part of me thinks that it is a girl just because I've thought boy all along. I keep having dream
s that I've had the baby, but no one will tell me if it's a boy or a girl! So, I guess you could say I really have no idea, but we have absolutely no preference either way. I will say that I get a lot more "you're carrying a boy" from everyone who feels the need to comment on the size and shape of my belly :) That might also be what's driving my instincts to say boy. who knows? I guess we'll just have to wait!

Q: Do you have names picked out?

A: We do have names, but nothing is certain until I'm holding the little one in my arms. I'm a firm believer that I must meet the baby first before naming them. Some people have heard our name options, but for the most part we're staying quiet until the name is official because we won't know for sure until the baby has arrived!

And just because I don't want to post without a picture.....
My sweet Ruby's newest favorite spot-the changing table. I'm starting to think we might have some jealously issues when the baby arrives.....