Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fathers Day Adventures

For our father's day celebration we decided to celebrate all the dads in our life and rent a pontoon boat for the day up on Lake Lanier.  Hank is always thrilled to have all of his "grammies and grampies" in one place.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for a boat ride and a swim in the lake.  Hank even caught his first fish! Lucy was completely content to be held in the shade by one of many willing arms or stretch out on a blanket on the shore.   Happy Father's day to all!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

3 months

Oh my sweet sweet Lulu....I cannot imagine a baby sweeter and happier than this little girl.  I can count on one hand the number of times this little one actually cries during a week.  She flashes her sweet smile at me constantly now, and has started giving little giggles if I tickle her cheeks.  Still full of coos and goos, and recently started shrieking followed by a huge smile as if she's so proud of herself.  I love the 3 month marker-babies start becoming more like the babies we imagine bringing home from the hospital and less like the little scrunched up wrinkly newborn who does nothing but sleep and eat.  Lucy now spends a lot of time on her activity mat working on bicycle kicks and rolling practice (she can roll from her back up to her side, but not quite all the way over yet).  She sits up in her Bumbo a lot-she seems to really like seeing the world from the upright position; although her little neck gets tired quickly.  She has started napping her in crib now and will just smile and giggle as she watches her mobile go around.  Did I mention that she puts herself to sleep?  Swaddle her tight, give her the passy, set her in the bed she'll give you a huge smile and that's it.  I'll hear her chattering for a few minutes and then she's out.  She also wakes up full of smiles, and lets me know when she's hungry by grunting at me rather than crying.  

Our little peanut is certainly getting bigger, but remains on the small side.  She's up to about 11 1/2 pounds and fits right into 3 month clothes.  Her hair is getting so long so fast-can't wait for pigtails!  Hank just told me this morning that baby Lucy is his best friend, he's such a great big brother to her.  There is no one that she smiles at more than him--she will follow him around a room with her eyes like no one else.  He will get her passy when she fusses, cover her with his blankets so she won't get cold, pats her head while she nurses, and gives her rattles while she lays on the floor.  Anytime he wants us to play in another room or outside, he will immediately run and get a chair for baby Lucy to sit in so she can be included as well.  Hank is such a rough and tumble boy, always moving, yelling, throwing etc but with his sister he has such a gentle side.  She's so lucky to have such a good big brother!

 Before she was born, I frequently wondered how it would feel to have a 4th member of our family.  I would feel sad thinking that our days as a family of 3 were almost over, but those were such silly worries!  From the second she came into the world, there was no question that there has always been a spot for her in our family-she just fits right into the mix and makes us all so so happy! 

Happy 3 months to my Lulu bird!