Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 months old

I still feel like I was just pregnant with Lucy last week, now I turn around and she's 5 months old!  Still sweet as ever, I'd actually venture to say that she just keeps getting sweeter all the time.  She is full of giggles and smiles everyday and rarely do we hear this little one cry. She is such a joy to have in our family-she absolutely adores her big brother.  No one can make her laugh like he can, and the mornings that he goes to school she seems to really miss him and all of his nonstop activity.  The last month has been full of excitement for our little lady-first and second vacations/road trips, first solid foods, first cold :(, first trip to the beach, and first time meeting all of her extended family. 

Some 5 month stats: No official weigh in this month, but according to our scale she's up in the 13.5-14 pound range!!  Finally some weight going on this little girl!

  • rolling all over the floor
  • pushing up on all 4s trying to crawl
  • peek a boo
  • chewing on everything
  • sitting up in the high chair like a big girl
  • pool time
  • playing in the exersaucer
  • squealing at her brother
  • faces
  • looking in the mirror
  • sucking on her toes
  • not being able to actually crawl-she tries and tries until she gets so frustrated!
  • being in the carseat too long-I think she gets angry that she has to face backwards!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sweet summertime

Who has time to sit around and blog when it is summertime??!!??  Well, now that our vacations are over, swim lessons are done, and school has started it seems it is time for a blog update on our recent happenings.  Our roost has been in a crazy state of change, so I have many posts coming to catch everyone up!  

First up...our family vacation to the Outer Banks!  This has been a long awaited family vacation for my entire family as it was planned well over a year ago.  The OBX was the agreed upon "middle ground" between Chicago and the southeast; although I think all parties would argue after their respective road trips.  Who knew that it would take 12 hours to drive from Atlanta to the OBX?  Either way, it was basically the ultimate beach vacation--Hank and Lucy were in heaven with all the swimming, sand, and cousin love.  We all stayed in an enormous beach house complete with private pool, elevator, theater room, and across the street beach access.  We've been home over 3 weeks and I'm still missing the beach!  I guess we need to get planning for next year :)