Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby updates

With your first pregnancy and child there is so much anxiety surrounding EVERYTHING.  When you are pregnant with your first, every strange twinge or lack of twinges, every sniffle, every gas pain all warrants a call to the doctor because surely something is wrong with the baby.  Then the baby is born, and the anxiety goes through the roof, navigating the waters of this tiny, fussy, needy human that on certain days makes you wonder "why did we want children ?".  (days like this continue, and possibly increase as you enter the toddler years).  I decided that with my second, I was going to sit back, relax, and enjoy every bit of pregnancy and every stage once the baby is born-because like everyone's over in a blur-so why waste it stressing about needless things?  Of course, in my efforts to savor every precious day of this pregnancy, it is flying by at warp speed.  I am 19 weeks-almost halfway through already!

So some stats for ya at the halfway point:
1. How am I feeling?  Great actually.  I love the second trimester.  I have lots of energy, good appetite, and am generally still comfortable.  I've been feeling this baby move around so much more, so much earlier than with Hank.  That is my absolute favorite part of pregnancy.

2. Gender?  So after two ultrasounds telling us without a doubt we were having a boy, we had one at 18 weeks that is undoubtedly a GIRL!  I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one...

3.  Cravings?  Never had any with Hank, not had any with this one either....

4. Names?  We had a boy name picked out since for a month we were planning on another boy--now we've got nothing.  I didn't even have a girl name picked out when I went into the delivery room with Hank because I was so convinced he was a boy.  I imagine it will be a while before we agree on something...

5.  Interesting fact: at the halfway point with Hank I'd gained 17 pounds, at the halfway point with BabyGirl-I've gained 6 but she is exactly the same size that Hank was according to our ultrasounds.  I'm thinking she may not be another 9 pounder at birth which would be absolutely fine with me!

                                                       Baby Girl on the inside at 18 weeks.

Baby Girl from the outside at 18 weeks

And to compare....Hank at 20 weeks

18 weeks with Hank

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall in the mountains

We finally got around to heading up to the mountains for a hike and picnic this past weekend.  The leaves were turning and the weather was beautiful!  We had a picnic next to a stream, and despite the freezing water, Hank got right in to throw rocks and catch leaves as they floated by in the water.  Sometimes I look at pictures of Hank now, and just can't believe how much he looks like a little boy-not a baby. One week and my baby will be 2!  How did that happen?