Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

For mother's day we had a picnic at Piedmont Park and checked out the new fountains. The water was a little chilly for getting wet. Hank kept telling me "not hot mama", but either way he absolutely loves these types of fountains and had a fit when we made him leave because it was getting dark! He stood by the water and signed "more" constantly. What an amazing little boy I have! Thanks for making me a mama, Hank!

A letter to my 18 month old

To my sweet Hank,
You are a year and a half me you are still a baby, but in your mind you are all little boy. Your personality shines everyday, you are much like you mom and dad in that you will hang back and watch the action for a while before you warm up to a crowd. You will be shy with new people, but warm up quickly. You have such a silly side, and really crack yourself up. You are a smart and curious boy, figuring out the world around you so quickly. I see so much of your dad in you-you will inspect something for so long trying to figure out how it works. Always a cautious child, you will turn back and look for my approval every time before trying something new. I can just see the wheels in your head turning as you ponder how something works, and then turn to me and ask for "help mama" when you can't quite figure it out. While you are a wild, active little boy you still love to cuddle with you mama and give the best hugs and kisses.

Talking-wow do you talk a lot for your age. At a year, you had about 50 words already, but now you never stop jabbering and probably have around 150-200 words. You are talking in phrases already, and sometimes I just can't believe what flies out of your mouth. You imitate EVERYTHING we say and do-including spitting off the deck (thanks to Dad for that behavior). You refer to your dad as "Johnny" and at about 5:00 everyday go stand at the front screen door and yell "JOHNNY" until dad shows up (usually about 30 minutes later). You are 110% boy-you love dirt, eating dirt, sand, eating sand, water, rocks, throwing, running, climbing, jumping, and being outside! You have fascination with all things transportation and animal. We point out airplanes, choochoos, wheels, bikes, buses, trucks etc nonstop. I feel like there is not one airplane, bus, or train that goes unnoticed-if I only had a nickel...

You love food as much as you love dirt and Curious George. Some current favorites are strawberries, anything mexican, cookies, cheese, spaghetti, couscous, chicken, and MAC. I think you'd eat macaroni and cheese everyday all day if I let you. You typically eat all day, and bug me for juice or milk constantly.

You are such a well-traveled boy for 18 months old. In your first year and a half you've been to Chicago twice, Charleston, SC, Hilton Head, Alabama, Washington DC, Charlottesville, Vancouver, Mt. Rainer, Seattle, and Dallas. You've been on 3 airplane trips, to 3 weddings, and had your feet in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. You've been through customs in Canada, and have your first stamp in your passport. You've been to the top of the highest peak on the east cost, Mt. Mitchell and driven along the Blue Ridge Parkway from Virginia to North Carolina. Always up for an adventure...again, just like your dad.

You are a big boy, and everytime we go to the doctor your percentiles keep climbing...35 inches long (98th) and 30 lbs (92nd) at 18 months.

What fun it is to watch you grow and become a our little boy!

We love you so much Hankey!