Sunday, April 11, 2010

Girls Reunion

This weekend we had a college roommate reunion with the girls (and babies). Hank LOVED his "aunties" and his "cousin" Carter. So much love for Hank! Soon he will have another playmate, as Katie is 15 weeks pregnant! It's hard to believe that 3 of the 4 of us are mamas now :) Paige and Carter drove up from Albany to stay with Hank and I on Friday, and then we drove up to Katie and Blake's beautiful new home in Calhoun for the day. This was Hank's first playdate. Carter is 10 months old and crawling all over the place! He's such a sweet boy! While they didn't really "play" together too much, they were really interested in each other. Hank seemed really intrigued with how mobile Carter is-by the end of the weekend he was already sitting up better! Nothing like a little peer pressure.

We went out to lunch, and did a little outlet mall shopping, spent lots of time catching up, and had an amazing steak dinner-thanks Katie and Blake! It was a wonderful weekend, and it was so great to see everyone again. No matter how much time passes, it always feels like no time at all when we all get together. Can't wait for the arrival of Baby Derrick in October!

Girls plus Hank (Carter was sleeping)
Hank and Aunt Becky
Hank and Aunt Katie
Hank and Aunt Paige

Hank petting Dixie-Katie and Blake's pup
Hank petting Carter
Carter showing Hank how to really play with all his toys!
"Come on Hank, tummy time is fun"
Carter and Hank playing in their jammies!

Hank's First Easter

We had a beautiful (but unseasonably warm) first Easter with Hank. We had a quiet family day with just the 3 of us. The easter bunny made a visit and left Hank a HUGE basket of goodies-luckily he also left mom and dad some jellybeans and peanut butter eggs since Hank can't enjoy those goodies yet! We went over to the park and watched some of the neighborhood kids go on an easter egg hunt-next year Hank will be right in there with them! Hank even had a spiffy new outfit for Easter, complete with matching hat!

5 months old

It is hard to imagine that Hank is already 5 months old. He's turning into such a big boy! While he's getting increasingly interested in his toys and environment, he still loves to snuggle with us. He will sit in my lap and read stories with me now, which I love. He eats rice cereal and some first baby foods every day now (bananas are favorites so far). He can already drink out of a sippy cup, and is working really hard on sitting up. He can sit independently for a few seconds before he tumbles over-won't be long now! He "talks" all day long, and seems to discover a new sound he can make almost everyday. Currently he's figured out how to squeal to get my attention. I'm introducing baby sign language to him now in hopes that he will be able to communicate through some simple signs in a few months. Next month we will be taking mommy and me swimming lessons to get ready for the pool this summer!

Here is a rundown of our current likes and dislikes...

Favorites at 5 months:
1. going places-he loves being out and about either in his stroller or in the baby bjorn. He's really turned into my little buddy, doing errands with me and "helping" me cook dinner
2. knocking blocks over
3. jumping in the "johnny jump up"
4. swinging in the park
5. blowing bubbles
6. peek-a-boo
7. eating his dinner in the highchair
8. blowing raspberries
9. looking in mirrors at himself
10. pulling mommy's hair
11. being naked
12. when daddy gets home from work everyday-he just starts giggling and grinning when he sees him walk in the door!

Not-so favorites at 5 months:
1. Getting dressed, and diaper changes
2. tummy time-we've made progress, but still not a desired activity
3. Getting his hands and face washed after he eats
4. When the sun is in his eyes on walks