Monday, July 16, 2012

4 months old

Sweet, Sweet, and Sweet.  The best word to describe our little Lucy.  I'm a huge fan of this age--full of smiles and giggles and fun things like toe grabbing and blowing raspberries.  Lucy is such a dream-always happy, super chatty, mellow, and extra snuggly.  If I am ever feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or tired a few minutes of hanging with Lucy is guaranteed to turn my day around.  She is still our petite little one; although she is becoming rather long and lean like her dad-isn't that what all women want anyways? Her hair just keeps getting longer and longer and now she can wear fun barrettes and almost has enough for little pigtails! Who does she look like?  Well she has my hair for sure, but some days we will have 3 people say she looks like the spitting image of her dad and the next day 3 people will say she's the spitting image of me.  When I look at baby pictures of myself, sometimes it is like looking at a picture of Lucy; however sometimes I look at her and see a striking resemblance to her dad-either way I am starting to see a lot of her brother in her.  She still has deep blue eyes that I'm thinking will change to brown-Hank still has beautiful blue eyes but Johnny and I both have dark brown eyes, one of our kids has to have eyes like us, right?

Favorites at 4 months:
  • grabbing my toes!
  • rolling over from back to front 
  • cooing and babbling-starting to hear consonant sounds already!
  • playing on my playmat
  • watching my bird mobile in the crib
  • sucking on my fingers
  • squealing and laughing at my brother Hank when he "gets my piggies"
  • any water fun-bathtime, pooltime, splash fountains
  • blowing raspberries
  • swinging on the porch with dad
  • swinging at the playground with Hank
  • standing up
  • looking in mirrors
Not so Favorites: (there is really only one)
  • my carseat--this should make our 12 hour car trip to the Outer Banks a lot of fun :)
How Lucy measures up: Long, Lean, and a big head

Height: 25 inches 69th %
Weight: 12 lbs 9th %
Head: 16.6 inches 90th%

First playdate with Ellie and Gigi

Bathtime is fun!

I found my toes! 

First Braves Game

The camera loves her

Looking just like her brother in this one