Wednesday, July 10, 2013

June Happenings...

I just love summertime, there's nothing better than long, hot, sunny days full of playing and water fun-crashing at the end of the day and sleeping like a rock from a day full of fun.  Our days are full of playdates, outside time, and all sorts of fun activities like making jello jigglers, oobleck, working in the vegetable garden, trips to the farmers market, and lots and lots of pool time.  I seriously need to move somewhere with perma-summer; although my husband would divorce me because he wants to move somewhere with perma-winter.  We did celebrate 8 years of marriage this month! and 13 years together!  

So what's up with our crew? 
Hank: Energy abounds! Our "spirited" boy  runs nonstop from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning and literally doesn't slow down until we force him to sleep at night.  Naps are becoming scarce; although he keeps himself entertained pretty well, and I enjoy my one-on-one time with him while Lucy sleeps.  He loves to bake with me, and since I LOVE baking (especially when pregnant) the house seems to always be full of homemade cookies, cakes, cobblers, breads etc.  Again, I blame hormones.  Hank is rocking it at swim lessons this summer.   He proudly announces that he's the "best swimmer in his class"-aka the only swimmer that doesn't scream bloody murder for 30 minutes :)  He's been accepted at an awesome preschool for the fall that we are really excited about.  He is loving the summer reading program we are doing at the library, and has turned into a reading fool.  

Lucy: a full fledged toddler at 15 months.  She's clearly the wild, throw caution to the wind free spirit that Hank has never been.  She is into anything and everything-childproofing does absolutely nothing for this girl she figured out how to pull cabinet locks and electrical outlet plugs out within 30 seconds.  She's a rough and tumble girl, filthy and disheveled by the end of every day-eats dirt, hits her brother to get what she wants, and manages to require 3-4 clothing changes everyday.  Her vocabulary is really starting to pick up, and most words are related to food- "cookie" being loud and clear.  She eats anything and everything, and everytime I turn around I see her little pigtails in the pantry or refrigerator.   I just adore this little one's love for life and easy going spirit-she has truly been such a joy from day one.  She's always dancing, giggling, and chattering as she toddles behind me all day-if she can't find me I'll hear loud calls for 'MOMMY' coming from the other room.  

Babygirl: Picured below at 30 and 33 weeks gestation-we are now at the no more than 6 weeks from her arrival.  Doctor seems pretty convinced that there's no way we will make it to her August 23rd scheduled c-section.  She's already dropped and hanging out really low and my actual due date is completely up in the air.  I'm having lots and lots of contractions already that the doc says is totally normal for the 3rd time around, but also increasing the chances of an early arrival.  Since Lucy arrived almost a month early, we are getting ourselves ready for an early arrival.  All clothes are washed and put away, her little nursery in the corner of our room is set up, diapers purchased, and basically we're ready to go.  I think it took me about 1 day to get ready for this baby :)  It's amazing how much things change from the first to the third baby.  I'm still feeling pretty good, the more active I am the better I feel.  Some days are full of nonstop contractions that really slow me down, but the next day is always better.  No back pain or swelling (yet), I've actually gained the least amount of weight in all 3 pregnancies to date,  but I am HOT and sweaty ALL THE TIME.  My whole family will complain that the house is freezing from under blankets,  as I sit literally dripping with sweat half naked in front of a fan with the ac cranked all the way down.  It's an adventure for sure!  

We are about to buy our "family car" a Honda Pilot (hopefully this weekend!).  This will be hands down the nicest car I've ever owned which is very exciting for me-all leather, sunroof, DVD player etc.  Who knew that having 3 kids meant that mom gets a pimp ride?  We are in the final stages of permitting for the home renovations to start and are just waiting for the final paperwork stuff to finish up.  Fingers crossed that we start construction in the next few weeks.  Babygirl doesn't have a name yet, but I have no fear that she will remain nameless :)

Enjoy some pictures from our first month of summer!
 A swimming champion 

Father's day Braves Game

Blueberry picking-yes she is ALWAYS this happy
 He takes this job very seriously

30 weeks
33 weeks

One of our favorite activities lately

It's big girl carseat time!

Catching crawfish at the river


Helping me "water" my plants

Happy 8 years to my love!  I think we look better with age!

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