Tuesday, July 29, 2014

oh wait? I have a blog?

So yeah...I last posted in March....Lucy is now almost 2 1/2, Hank is about to start Prek and will be 5 in a few short months...and yes baby June is about to take her first steps and I just sent out the invites to her first birthday party.  Life happens..and it is nothing short of crazy every single day.  The spring was dedicated to finishing our renovation in time to showcase the home on the Grant Park Tour of Homes (this deserves it's own post...so more on that later).  The longer you go between posting, the harder it is to get back to it...but I will try to do some catch up posts of the last  6 months of our lives and get back up to speed as I cannot let another season go by without any documentation of it!

First up our sweet baby June our brown eyed girl--sorry 3rd child but your monthly posts are getting all smushed into one big one.  She just turned 11 months old-stands and cruises most of the time, and recently started balancing without holding onto anything.  No steps yet, but I fear they will happen any day now making her our youngest walker!  She crawls exactly the same way Lucy did-dragging one leg under her (the pegleg crawl we call it), and recently she came home from vacation and decided she could do the stairs (quickly resulting in baby gates being installed).  

June is also our chunkiest baby-she is well over 20 pounds and actually about 3-4  pounds shy of her 2 1/2 year old sister.  She is already sharing clothes with her.  She eats more than both other kids combined, gave up baby food for the real stuff months ago and has yet to meet a food she does not like.  While she's earlier to walk, she's been later to get teeth; although she's made up for it and cut about 7 teeth in the last 3 weeks which makes for an awesome good time at night.  Ah..sleep, how you taunt me...our children are many things but good sleepers as babies are not one of them.  June has yet to sleep through the night, much like her older sister who did not figure that out until 13 months.  She's a super mamas girl, and just prefers to hang with me in the middle of the night.    This likely has to do with her not having a room until our renovation was finished in May.  She was so used to me being right next to her, and while she does seem to enjoy having a crib finally--she clearly misses the days of room sharing with her parents.  She'll get there...and in the meantime I run on caffeine.

June is a very happy girl-always smiling, giggling, clapping, waving, and pointing.  She recently started saying uh oh as she throws her food on the floor, and babbles nonstop.  She might be the most adventurous of the 3 kids as the other two tend to be very cautious and stay close to mom and dad.  We've never had to do any baby proofing with the other two because they never showed any interest in stairs, forbidden cabinets, or electrical sockets.  June is another story-I find her frequently digging through the cleaning products under the sink (after she's broken through the child lock), poking at the outlet covers-screaming in frustration that she cannot get them off, an as soon as the gate swings open on the stairs she beelines for them giggling hysterically.  

We have some serious pecking order establishment going on at all times in the house. Hank is generally putting Lucy in her place-taunting, tormenting, irritating etc (although the two of them can be good buddies 2 seconds later as Lucy just wants nothing more than to play with Hank and his friends).  Lucy in turn has started hitting, kicking, poking June whenever she sees fit as generally this is how Hank treats her.  June is not deterred typically, and just wants to be included in whatever the two big kids are up to.  Hank adores June as I imagine he doesn't see her as quite the threat that Lucy is.  Either way, a good 80% of my day is spent breaking up fights and I imagine this will increase when June is an active participant in the daily commotion.  I can also see the tables shifting and June perched at the top of the pecking order.

So here's a catch up of our monthly photos (while I have not kept up with the blog, I do keep up with her photos)  3 weeks until this little one turns 1 and we celebrate with a backyard splash party as she is my summer birthday baby!
7 months

 8 months

 9 months

10 months

11 months