Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Babygirl 27 weeks

The belly shot is 27 weeks, but as I'm actually getting around to write this I'm now 28 weeks--welcome back to the third trimester!  I also get one less week this time as repeat c-sections are done at 39 weeks, as we just scheduled the c-section for March 22 so 10 weeks to go!!

So a pregnancy update:

1. How am I feeling: pregnant period.  Not really tired, but we're reaching that point where its much harder to get comfortable in bed and sleep becomes more and more scarce.  I fully believe this is just mother nature's way of preparing the unknowing mother for the coma they are about experience in a few months.  I'd say both pregnancies have been pretty similar.  I never have any terrible complaints but the further along I get the more the little annoyances start to build-up.  Heartburn is kicking in full force, twinges in my lower back, pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, pregnancy induced nosebleeds (seriously? please explain this one), leg cramps at night, swollen feet at the end of the day etc.

2. How's BabyGirl:  She's a mover!  Because of the way my placenta is attached this time, I can feel her movements much more than I could with Hank.   Hank tended to leave my internal organs alone too-she loves to thump on my bladder and push up on my diaphragm.

3. Doctor's Report:  I passed my glucose test last week-HORRAY!!  Although, I might be the only woman in the world that doesn't mind the drink-must be my sweet tooth.  Blood pressure is actually running low-DOUBLE HORRAY!  I've gained about 17 pounds which is significantly less than with Hank at this point, but I am also much more active this time around-If I recall the pounds really start packing on in the last few months.  Heart rate was 145 at last visit.  So my doctor is a South African gentleman and he always says in his great accent "well Kim, it appears that you are pregnant".  Aka things are sailing along swimmingly....

4. Birth plan: Things are so much easier this time around.  No childbirth classes, no hospital tour, no breastfeeding classes.  The repeat c-section is scheduled; however if I go into labor naturally before that date I will attempt a natural delivery.

5. Does BabyGirl have a name?  no- not even close.  and she will not have a name until she has arrived.  We have several options, that change from day to day and really feel like we just haven't found the perfect name yet.  So, no we will not be sharing the names in the running, because we don't want any opinions from outside sources!  Last time everyone waited for the gender, this time they will have to wait for a name!

So here we are...10 weeks and counting....

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Christmas

Whew...we survived Christmas, and I am so glad to have all decorations down, toys organized, and our normal routine back.  We did have a really nice holiday-the first Christmas we've ever spent in our own home and let me tell you it was sooo much easier to not have to travel all over with an over-tired, over-gifted 2 year old (not to mention an over-tired 7 month pregnant mama).  I hosted both sets of grandparents for Christmas dinner-a standing rib roast, my first!   Hank was so excited about Santa coming to "bring train presents"-The year could be summed up as "the year of the train".  Hank added about 150 pieces of track and about 20 train cars to the current railroad-talk about major expansion!  I now have a huge railroad set up in my living room everyday and step on no less than 5 "steamies" a day.  There are days now that I realize I've talked more about trains and what type of freight they have than anything else.  Johnny was off for almost 2 weeks, and I had about a week off from work so it was really nice to have lots of time at home together.  We stayed very busy though, painting and organizing both Hank and BabyGirl's room (I'll save a whole other post for that one-especially the big boy bed transition), working on the investment property which is just about ready for renters, attending preschool orientation sessions for next fall, and working with the city to get permitted for our screen porch addition to the house.   Never a dull moment in our house....

We rang in the new year asleep as usual, I lasted through about 20 minutes of the Ryan Seacrest rockin new year before I realized that there was no good reason to stay up until midnight (maybe it was all the sparkling grape juice).  I always love the start of a new year though-a fresh start, a time to get clean and organized in my house!  Only 10 weeks until BabyGirl arrives--time for some nesting, my favorite!

While it was fun....so glad I have a whole year before I have to tackle the holidays again!!