Monday, May 17, 2010

Trip to Lake Hartwell

We spent the past weekend at Lake Hartwell at Paige's family's lake house. This was Hank's first experience in the water, and he loved it! We went out on the boat (Hank wasn't wild about the lifejacket) but he did fall fast asleep with the motion of the boat and the hum of the motor. He floated in his new float, and the chilly water didn't seem to bother him at all. His favorite was the hammock, he spent hours swinging and playing peek-a-boo in there! It was great to get away for the weekend. When Hank was napping, I actually got to read my book on the porch rather than race around trying to do laundry and clean dishes.

We had a great time with great company! Can't wait to do it again!

Mother's Day

I had a great first mother's day with my sweet boy! We have lots of mothers to celebrate at our house, so we were busy all weekend visiting both grandma's and hanging out with Aunt Susie who was in town for the week. Hank and I took Grammy Kathy out for brunch at the Flying Biscuit, and then the next day we went to visit Grandma Holly for a picnic at the rehab hospital where she's recovering from her recent accident. Hank and Dad got me the best gift I've ever received-a housekeeper!! She's coming tomorrow for a 5 hour deep clean of the house. I've never been so excited :)

I absolutely love being a mom, hands-down the best gig I've ever had (and the hardest gig I've ever had)! There are times that I just look at Hank and can't believe he's really mine. Thanks for a great first mother's day, Hank!

Monday, May 3, 2010

6 months old!

What a busy little man I have now! He's interested in everything he can get his hands on (operation baby-proof the house is underway). Hank is just about to sit independently-he can sit for about a minute unsupported before he topples over. He's eating baby foods now, and loves to drink from his sippy cup. It is so fun to watch him learn new things-he's quickly learning cause and effect, how to make noise by banging everything together, and peek-a-boo is really starting to get fun. He loves it when I sing to him-Wheels on the Bus is our current favorite. His favorite place to be is outside-he's his daddy's boy! I wouldn't be surprised to have a future cub scout on our hands. He will sit out in the yard while we work in the garden and loves to pick the flowers. We are getting really excited about summer! We bought a zoo membership, since we live 2 blocks away. We can go ride the zoo train everyday, and check out the animals. The pool opens up in a few weeks-we can't wait! Hank has a small pool for our deck that we hope to get out this week since it's starting to feel hot and humid already. We're headed to Hilton Head the first week of June, for Hank's first trip to the beach.

He is such a little buddy-always up for everything, and is just so easy going. He loves being out running errands with me-he can now sit up in the front of the cart like a big boy at the store. He will just chatter to me and anyone who will listen and loves to pull items within reach off the shelf :)

Here's a few pictures from the past few that he's getting older who do you think he's starting to look like???

6 months old! I can sit up by myself now!