Tuesday, October 30, 2012

7 months

Here we go again, another month gone by and my sweet baby girl growing faster than my brain can process.   Fall is the most hectic time of the year in our house with birthdays, holidays, football, etc.  I have been documenting all of days with photos, but can't seem to muster the energy to sit down and blog.

Lulu bird is just becoming more and more a little person and participating member of the family.  She sits at the table with us in her high chair and happily munches on her avocadoes, bananas, plums, and an occasional chicken bone.  This little one can pack away some food-there is nothing she doesn't enjoy and she's been known to swipe bacon off your plate if you aren't paying enough attention.  As hectic (and messy) as mealtimes have become they are the moments that I feel so thankful for my family.  I've always had the image in my head of a dinner table full of children chattering away about the days activities, and between Hank's 3 year old jabbering and inquisitions, and Lucy's constant giggling and babbling in response to her brother, it always makes my heart feel so full despite the mealtime battles and messy floors.

Lucy is working hard on crawling, and I imagine she will be on the move within the next month.  She has a whole basket full of toys, but much prefers to sit in the middle of her brother's trains and track and chew on tracks and steamy engines.  She is a chatterbox and is developing all sorts of sounds and sound combinations.  She loves patty cake and peek a boo (especially when Hank plays them with her).  She has two bottom teeth, and just this week cut one of her top teeth.  I don't know if it is the teething or the constant snot nose brought home from  preschool by her brother, but my sweet girl is still not sleeping through the night for me.  Good thing she's so darn cute.

Lucy is clearly our social butterfly.  She goes to playgroup every Monday with a group of babies all born within 6 months of each other.  She chatters to all of them, laughs, giggles, and seems to have such a good time.  Hank always tended to hang really close to me at early playgroups and showed little interest in the other babies, but not my Lucy!  This makes me flash forward 10 years to the days of boys, constant girl talk, and the phone ringing off the hook for Lucy (although I know kids now only text each other, and I can't even imagine what they'll be doing 10 years from now-possibly beaming each other up to boys houses or some parenting technology nightmare.)

Here's some month 7 cuteness...don't worry, there will be a whole separate post for Halloween....