Friday, December 21, 2012

A mama's girl?

 With both of our children, it seems that they are such a perfect combination of both Johnny and I that we never really hear "oh Hank/Lucy looks just like dad/mom etc".  We hear all the time "who do they look like?"    Sometimes I want to say "the mailman", but in our neighborhood that would be a whole other story :)

Recently though, I've had a few people actually tell me that Lucy favors me....and this I already know is true, because sometimes when I look at baby pictures of myself I feel like I'm looking at Lucy.  When she was a baby, sometimes I would look at her and see my face in hers.   Hank and Lucy both favor each other quite a bit...and actually most family members see Hank's resemblance to his mama as well.  They got their blond hair/blue eyes from their dad's side....but I like to think my adorable babies take after their mama....

Take a look here at some shots of me and Lucy at around the same age....and please excuse the amount of cuteness-between my baby pictures and Lucy, it could be a bit much to handle :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

9 months of sweetness

Lucy has now been in the world as long as I was pregnant with her (well technically she was born a month early...details).  What a little personality she's becoming- So sweet, full of giggles, and easy going.  Lucy's laughs fill the house all day long, and now we hear long strings of mamamamama, dadadada, babababa, and huge squeals, as she is starting to "talk" more to us.  She loves music, and immediately starts dancing and clapping her hands when she hears it.  We started going to baby music class this month, and she loves it!  Last week, I gave in and took her to get her hair trimmed, I just couldn't handle all the hair in her eyes all the time.  She looks even more adorable now with a little pixie cut.  Still not crawling, but always up on all 4s rocking back and forth--so it should be anyday now that she takes off after her brother.  She pulls to stand on everything, and just grins ear to ear everytime.  Quite the chowhound-she eats everything we give her without complaint and is mostly just eating table foods at this point.  

At 9 months she weighed in at 16 lbs 3 oz (17th percentile, and our biggest jump in the growth chart yet!-finally out of the 10th).  She was 28 inches long (60th percentile).  Still quite the petite little miss--trending exactly after her dad.  Speaking of her dad--she just adores him.  Always lifting her arms up to him and saving the biggest, dimpled grins for him.  

Only 9 months old, but I sure can't imagine a time without my sweet little princess.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays

What fun we are having this year celebrating the magic of Christmas with our little ones !!! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

8 months

What a doll baby I have.  I have enjoyed every single moment this little one has been in our lives.  Yes, even all the moments in the middle of the night, because lord knows there have been (and continue to be) plenty of those.  At 8 months, this cutie is dying to crawl but cannot seem to figure out how to coordinate the act.  She leans all the way forward until she falls on her face and starts screaming, or rocks back and forth screaming the whole time trying to figure out how to get some forward motion. I've said all along that I don't care how long it takes for child #2 to get moving since I now know how much more challenging life becomes with mobile children.  Although, at this point I just want this baby to figure out how to move to put everyone out of their misery!  

Lucy loves to eat! She happily stuffs handfuls of food in her little mouth 3 meals a day now.  She uses her 4 teeth to munch on her puffs, cheerios, bananas, waffles, apples, peas, graham crackers.  Basically, we have yet to give her something she doesn't love.  

Bouncing is a new favorite activity.  She loves to jump in her jumper, and just smiles and giggles the whole time.  She has baskets and baskets of baby toys, but she much prefers to play with anything her brother has-typically trains, tracks, and cars.  Lucy is a musical child.  She starts bouncing and dancing the second she hears music.  She babbles up a storm-dadas, babas, mamas...but no true words yet.  

She loves her brother and her daddy-she flashes them the biggest smiles whenever she sees them.  Clearly, she has them wrapped around her finger already.  She's still a peanut--probably about 16 pounds.  Her hair is wild and crazy but I won't cut it!  

I just love this girl so so much.  What a joy she is to our family.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"I'm 3 now!"

 I still can't believe my baby Hank is 3 years old!  He is certainly far from baby, and is turning into such an amazing little boy.  The changes we've seen in him over the past few months are incredible.  When I tell people I have a 3 year old I get so many remarks to the tune of -3 is the most challenging age, 3 year olds are so much worse than 2 year olds,  3 was the least favorite year etc etc.  Well, I realize we're just a month into age 3, but Hank typically hits each age early (he hit the terrible 2's at 18 months and had outgrown it completely by 2 1/2-and it seems the same is holding true for 3).  I have to say, that I am really enjoying age 3, certainly compared to age 2.  We've had our share of challenges with manipulating us, pushing the limits, etc...but honestly Hank responds to discipline really well and is just so darn smart that he figures out quickly that he'd much rather play than be stuck in time out.

I know all parents think their kids are smart, I hear it all the time at work, but without a doubt-Hank is a bright little boy.  He is learning so much right now, and it is so fun to watch him figure out the world around him.  He identifies all his letters, and can spell and identify his own name (he's working on writing it right now).  He wants to read and write on his own so badly, and he works so hard at it--I have no doubt he will be reading in another year.  He is so creative, imaginative, and inquisitive.  He's well into the "why" question stage.  By the end of a day, I have to tell him no more questions because I'm so exhausted from answering them.  "Why do the leaves fall down?", "Why do the seasons change?", "Why are their no clouds in the sky today?"  Without a doubt, each answer leads to another series of questions, when he's satisfied with my answer he'll look at me, nod his head, and say "thanks mom for explaining". Just the other day he asked me to explain the water cycle to him--I told him to ask his dad :)

While, I am so proud of how smart Hank is, what I am more impressed with is how kind and giving he has become.  He is at an age that is typically an "all about me" age.  The age of me, mine, no sharing etc.  Hank is always concerned about other's feelings.  In his class, his teacher told me that he will sit with kids who are upset and pat their back, reassuring them that "mom will be back after lunch".  When his friend Lucia was sick, he immediately went to work making her get well cards.  He loves celebrating other's birthdays as much as his own-he takes great pride in giving gifts to his friends and singing the birthday song to them.  For my birthday, he wrapped up a box of his favorite trains and track and proudly presented it to me saying "isn't it what you always wanted? does it make you happy, mom?".  He wants to help all the time, he will cook with me in the kitchen, ask to help me do chores, and help his dad work on projects in the yard.  I am constantly amazed at his kind-hearted, generous spirit.  This year for Christmas, we are sponsoring a very medically fragile foster child, and purchasing her Christmas gifts for her. Hank absolutely loves this project, after a tremendous about of inquisition about "why does she not have parents?" "why is Santa not coming to her house?" "why is she so sick?"-all questions that are very difficult to explain to him, but unfortunately we live in a harsh world that Hank will have to learn about eventually.  He talks all the time about her, and ideas for things we could get her because "she's very sick and needs our help, and we need to help her"  His kind heart, and generous spirit fills me with pride every day, and actually remind me to step back and find time to give back to others.

Of course we must not forget to mention Hank's size.  He's huge-plain and simple.  At his 3 year old check up he check in at 41 inches tall (98th) and 38 lbs (95th).  He's the size of an average 4 year old , and healthy as a horse (minus all the awesome preschool germs he can't see to refrain from picking up)

So because I feel like I have a pretty awesome little man, and because Johnny says I always go way overboard with birthdays we had a pretty great 3rd birthday celebration for Hank that I've documented with photos below.  On his actual birthday he was up with presents open by 730 am, followed by chocolate sprinkle donuts on the red plate (a family tradition), then we were off to the train museum complete with train ride, chick fil a for lunch, no naps, and pizza and cake for dinner!  The next day was his train birthday party in the park where we hosted about 10 3 year old buddies with a tray of nuggets, cupcakes, and a "yata" (pinata).  Hank was overjoyed with all the gifts he received, and it took a good 3 days to come back down off of the birthday high.



We love you Hank! Next up--4!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween-easily one of my favorite holidays.  What fun it is to have two little ones to celebrate! Hank was a train engineer (of course) and Lucy was our little Cindy Lou Who. We took Hank trick or treating with his best bud, Lucia; although I think his favorite part was handing out candy to all our trick or treaters-close to 300 this year!  I'm still working through the candy bowl-unfortunately the KitKats, peanut butter cups, and Butterfingers are dwindling.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

7 months

Here we go again, another month gone by and my sweet baby girl growing faster than my brain can process.   Fall is the most hectic time of the year in our house with birthdays, holidays, football, etc.  I have been documenting all of days with photos, but can't seem to muster the energy to sit down and blog.

Lulu bird is just becoming more and more a little person and participating member of the family.  She sits at the table with us in her high chair and happily munches on her avocadoes, bananas, plums, and an occasional chicken bone.  This little one can pack away some food-there is nothing she doesn't enjoy and she's been known to swipe bacon off your plate if you aren't paying enough attention.  As hectic (and messy) as mealtimes have become they are the moments that I feel so thankful for my family.  I've always had the image in my head of a dinner table full of children chattering away about the days activities, and between Hank's 3 year old jabbering and inquisitions, and Lucy's constant giggling and babbling in response to her brother, it always makes my heart feel so full despite the mealtime battles and messy floors.

Lucy is working hard on crawling, and I imagine she will be on the move within the next month.  She has a whole basket full of toys, but much prefers to sit in the middle of her brother's trains and track and chew on tracks and steamy engines.  She is a chatterbox and is developing all sorts of sounds and sound combinations.  She loves patty cake and peek a boo (especially when Hank plays them with her).  She has two bottom teeth, and just this week cut one of her top teeth.  I don't know if it is the teething or the constant snot nose brought home from  preschool by her brother, but my sweet girl is still not sleeping through the night for me.  Good thing she's so darn cute.

Lucy is clearly our social butterfly.  She goes to playgroup every Monday with a group of babies all born within 6 months of each other.  She chatters to all of them, laughs, giggles, and seems to have such a good time.  Hank always tended to hang really close to me at early playgroups and showed little interest in the other babies, but not my Lucy!  This makes me flash forward 10 years to the days of boys, constant girl talk, and the phone ringing off the hook for Lucy (although I know kids now only text each other, and I can't even imagine what they'll be doing 10 years from now-possibly beaming each other up to boys houses or some parenting technology nightmare.)

Here's some month 7 cuteness...don't worry, there will be a whole separate post for Halloween....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy 6 months Lucy Jane!

These monthly post seem to be coming faster and faster (although some of that might have to do with the fact that it takes me until halfway through the month to get them written).  Either way, September 7th marked half a year for my sweet girl!  I'm not ready to wrap my head around the fact that we're halfway to her first birthday; although I have already starting planning her party :)  Lucy is certainly changing before our eyes--in honor of her 6 month birthday she decided to start sitting up independently on her own.  This is my favorite milestone--once you can just set your baby down anywhere, life changes dramatically in my opinion.  Need to pull something out of the oven but you have a baby on your hip?  You don't have to search all over for some baby holding contraption to set her in...just plop her in the middle of the kitchen floor for a second.  Need to run into Kroger for 2 things and don't want to strap on the Bjorn and carry a wildly thrashing baby on your person?  Plop her into the cart, cause she can sit now!! I will enjoy my happy sitting baby for now, because this girl is so motivated to move I have no doubt she'll be crawling by next month-time to start babyproofing and mopping the floors more regularly :(

Lucy has also become quite the chatterbox, she loves to "yell" and squeal as loudly as she can.  Just this week she started in with nonstop "dadadadadada".  Johnny likes to think this is her first word---sorry buddy not quite.  She has become a huge fan of pattycake and peek-a-boo-a sure way to get huge giggles.  Her favorite person in the world? Big brother Hank.  She gives him bigger smiles and laughs than anyone.  If she's ever upset I will ask Hank to make Lucy happy and he just gets in her face and makes a big funny face at her and she'll be in hysterics immediately . No one else has this effect on her, but I can see his love for his sister waning as she has started showing interest in chewing on his trains.  I'll hear him yelling at her "no baby Lucy, you NEVER chew on Percy or his frieght!"  I'll ask him to share with her and he'll hand her some tiny piece of track to hold on to, and as soon as it goes in her mouth? he's done with sharing!

Eating solids has been slow go with Lucy.  We had some problems tolerating solids for a while, some food allergy concerns, but things have finally picked up and started progressing!  She ate half a jar of sweet potatoes last night!  Sleeping through the night?? not by my definition, but probably by the "experts" definition.  She typically sleeps from 8-4:30 or 5 and then wakes up to eat and will fall back asleep until about 6-630.  I have a hard time falling back asleep, but generally doze off just before I hear her cooing in her bed or Hank bounding in ready to start his day.  I long for the day that I can get a full 10 hours of sleep!  She's a great napper though--a morning nap for 1-1 1/2 hours and an afternoon nap for about 2 hours (typically this still overlaps with Hank's afternoon nap, and he still sleeps 2-3 hours every day!).  The other most awesome feature that she has that I didn't know existed--she puts herself to sleep!  I feed her, give her the paci and put her in bed wide awake.  I'll hear her chatter for a second and next thing I know she's out!  No rocking, no swinging, no sleep training, no cry it out, no nursing to sleep...its WONDERFUL!

She had her 6 month check up this week and had to get 4 shots!  (call me mean, but I tacked on the flu shot to her other 3-what can I say? I'm pro-vax!)  She took it like a champ like she always does, and once we got home you would have never known.  She's still maintaining her petite frame, and is growing perfectly!

Long and lean just like her dad.
Height: 26.25 59th
Weight: 13 lbs 9 oz 11th
Head: 17 inches 78th

She loves her jumper now-just like her brother did!

Waiting for the train to head to the Dragon Con Parade--I love this picture because it is so typical.  Lucy is staring right at Hank, and Hank is staring at the train tracks.  Me? I just look exhausted :)

 The "baby basket" since she's not 100% stable with sitting she loves to sit in her laundry basket with all her toys.  Perfect!

"Hank go watch your sister" This is pretty typically playtime--she thinks nothing of being a firetruck launch pad.

Until next month sweet girl.....