Saturday, December 10, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year...

Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning in our house this year now that Hank can really get into all the festivities.  He's quite my little elf helper these day.  He LOVED helping us put up the tree (and has been rearranging ornaments on the tree ever since-I found one in my purse, in the bathtub, and in my car this week).  We made a gingerbread house together or a "christmas house" as Hank calls it.  He loved putting on the M&Ms and sprinkles-I have been sweeping sprinkles off the floor for days now.  We went to the children's Christmas festival so that he could meet Santa and ride his choo choo train.  I was certain he would scream when we met with Santa, but we'd been talking a lot lately about going to visit him and asking for the toys he wants so I think he realized how important this moment was.  He was being very shy, but when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas he immediately shouted "TRAINS!" into his ear-like he didn't want to miss his opportunity. 

Trains, trains, and more trains would be just about the only thing on Hank's Christmas list this year.  Basically, we talk nonstop about Thomas, Percy, train tracks, choo choos in tunnels, choo choos on bridges etc, etc, etc.  I even caught him talking in his sleep the other night about orange trains and black trains (he also sleeps with his Thomas and Percy at night now).  This should make things pretty easy for ole Santa this year.  

So, like all Decembers we are crazy busy getting ready for the holidays, but I'm really enjoying seeing Christmas through the eyes of Hank this year.  It certainly gives a whole new meaning to the season for us-I'm so excited that next year our mantle will have one more stocking hanging for our babygirl-I still can't imagine how full our life will feel with another little one to share it with.  Babygirl is hanging out, enjoying the ride-she loves to kick/poke/jab at me all day while we stay busy.  We are narrowing down name choices; but haven't decided if we are going to announce anything or make it a surprise-but we aren't saying anything for sure until we have a clear decision.  We just bought the paint for both of the kid's bedrooms, and plan to get both re-done right after the new year.  It's time for the big boy bed! wish us luck :)