Thursday, September 26, 2013

18 months of Lucy

This little girl is an absolute breath of fresh air in our lives.  She is unbelievably sweet and pleasant 99.9% of the time.  She's absolutely precious, and I swear I love her more and more every single day. When she was a newborn, Johnny and I couldn't believe how easy and sweet she was and have always said "this can't last forever", well she's remained both easy and gets sweeter with time.  We really hit the kid lottery with this one :)  If I could bottle her up at this age and keep her like this forever, I would in a heartbeat.   Lucy has this amazing love for life and just enjoys every new experience with a huge smile on her face.  

She's always up for an adventure and will tell me "go buckle go" meaning she wants to get in the car and go somewhere.  Her vocabulary is exploding and she's using all sorts of adorable phrases now like "I see it", "there it is", "where Hankey go?" "baby crying", and our absolute favorite is "that so funny" that she says while giggling all the time after she does something she thinks is hilarious.  She has also coined her new sister "Baby Doon" which has already become her first nickname.  She had her 18 month check up where she scored way ahead of the game both in motor skills and language-she is super coordinated for her age and is always throwing or kicking something-she seems far more likely to be our family athlete than her brainy bro.  At the grocery store she loves to take the items out of the cart and say "catch!" before tossing them out.  

Lucy still loves to eat-she will eat anything and everything I give her; although she's become very fond of sweets.  She wakes up every morning asking for a cookie--meaning she wants to lick the icing out of an oreo before throwing the cookie part away.  It was not surprising at all when she made a huge jump on the growth charts into the 80th percentiles from her meager start in the less than 3rd percentile.  

She's my super independent child.  She will happily play with blocks, puzzles, coloring books, cars/trains, balls, or her shopping cart all by herself for long periods of time. Despite her independent nature, she loves to snuggle with me, and gives me big hugs and kisses all day long.  She tends to be my little shadow, and will run behind me helping me with laundry or sweeping-all with a huge smile on her face.  Another current favorite is anything Dora-she brings me the ipad requesting "boots", and yes she can already navigate as well as Hank on the ipad and iphones.  She loves music and anytime she hears music, she immediately starts dancing.  Her current favorite song is "I'm Just a Girl" by No Doubt (we don't do kids tunes in our house).  

She adores her brother, and is still slightly skeptical of the new baby.  When we ask her if she wants to say hi to baby June she always yells "NO" very loudly.  I think she's starting to come to terms with the fact that this baby is here to stay.  Although with the arrival of June, Hank and Lucy have certainly gotten closer and are really starting to play together more.  

She will have the occasional meltdown, where she methodically lays herself down on the floor before commencing screaming.  These never last long, as something more interesting usually catches her eye (also because she is completely ignored while flailing on the floor).  Usually, it has something to do with not being able to find her "minky" or "bun buns" her two most prized possessions.  

Oh Lucy, you make our lives so so sweet, please don't ever become a sassy, moody teenager " :)