Monday, July 12, 2010

Hankey Doodle Dandy

We had a festive 4th of July weekend this year! We took a trip down to Eatonton to visit Mel and Emily's house. They have an amazing house and property out in the country complete with chicken's, dogs, a fish pond, and best of all a tractor! Of course Hank got his first tractor ride with his dad-I'm not sure who enjoyed it more actually :) The next day we had another party to attend at Nate and Lauren's house. Hank enjoyed all the attention, the dogs, and the live band that played. We topped the weekend off with a trip to the splashground to cool off!!

8 months old

This month I feel like we've turned the corner from baby and are well on the way to little boy! It almost feels like we have a completely different child in the house now! The biggest change in our lives is that Hank is now on the move! He started crawling and pulling up to stand within 2 days and everyday he gets a little stronger and a little bolder. He's into everything he can get hands on, and you can't take your eyes off of him for a second! I walked out of the room for 3 seconds yesterday and heard a loud crash. I came running back in the room to find the coffee table turned over and all its contents spread across the floor. Hank was sitting in the middle of the mess happy as a clam because he had found his prize-the remote (his favorite toy at the moment). He's figured out how to pull himself to standing in his crib and I find him standing, chewing on the rail every morning.

One of my favorite new activites that he enjoys is reading books with me. This is surprising given that he's so mobile now, but just recently he has started sitting quietly with me while we read books. I'm so glad he's still interested in cuddling in my lap.

Hank just cut one of his top teeth which gives him a grand total of 3 teeth! This should help with some of the foods we're trying with him. I'm trying to introduce lots of new flavors and textures to him-trying to move away from baby foods and add more table foods. He loves sweet potatoes, yogurt, cheerios, bananas, puffs, and his cookies!

Our lives have become VERY busy with our active little boy, and I'm typically exhausted after a day full of playing and chasing him around making sure he's not injuring himself (not to mention working). However it is so worth it because he's such a happy boy all the time and just plain fun!