Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I realize that we are now closer to Valentine's Day than Christmas, and I am just now getting around to posting about our Christmas.  I think it has taken me this long to recover from the holidays, and I'm still relishing in the idea that I have a whole year before I have to turn around and do them again :)  The Christmas season took a whole new turn this year now that we have a believer in the house.  The magic of Christmas really came alive in our house, and while it is so much fun to see Hank and even Lucy  wide-eyed in anticipation of all the fun...it is absolutely exhausting for mama!  On top of all my usual responsibility, you have to tack on all the decorating, shopping, wrapping, santa visits, winter wonderlands, parties, baking, and that silly elf that you have to remember to move every night--there were many a nights I woke up at 3am realizing I didn't do anything with him and had to get up and move the silly thing...So yes, I enjoy Christmas...but so thankful it is just once a year.  

This year we had Aunt Susie, Uncle Kevin, and Cousin Eliza in town for the week-so the kids had fun getting to see their only cousin and aunt and uncle (excited to learn cousin #2 is arriving this summer!)  We took trips to the Yellow River Game Ranch and the zoo with Eliza and spent Christmas Eve with the Ritger family and hosted my family for Christmas day.  Both kids were overwhelmed with gifts as usual, and totally wiped out after all the festivities were over-3 hour naps were in order for 3 days following Christmas.

Welcome 2013!  (and no we don't celebrate New Year's in this house--I was asleep by 10pm, I have an almost one year old that doesn't sleep through the night yet--I sleep at all available opportunities)

Monday, January 21, 2013

10 months

We're down to 6 weeks until my little one turns 1 !  Party plans are already in full swing-I love nothing more than celebrating my children's birthdays :)  The biggest change in our "little fella" as Hank calls her, is that she's on the go non-stop now.  She's mastered the crawling; however we call her pegleg because she crawls while dragging one leg underneath her (hopefully this does not continue with walking).  She's become very efficient and will tear across a room to get to whatever her brother is doing.  Sibling rivalry is in full swing now-the only thing Lucy wants to play with is whatever Hank has, and this drives him crazy!. Hank has started playing with trains/legos on the kitchen counter while standing on a chair so that Lucy cannot get to them.  She just sits at his feet and screams.   It is already driving me insane-I can only imagine the years of fighting ahead.  Lucy is quickly getting into everything around the house-always putting non-food items in her mouth-eating paper is a current favorite along with dusty cheerios.  She pulls up on everything and is already starting to let go in an attempt to stand on her own.  I think Hank will have someone running after him in no time.  

Still happy as can be 99% of the time-she has started waving to us and just babbles up a storm non-stop.  I think some of her mamamama's are starting to become intentional.  When she's unhappy she will always reach for me while whining mamamama at me.  She eats everything in sight--loves her meat.  Just the other night she finished off 3 pancakes, a piece of bacon, and a pile of hashbrowns at Ihop for dinner-and was banging her plate on the table for more !  Still a peanut, but I'm certainly starting to notice some weight packing on this little one with the amount of food she intakes in a day.  

Such a sweetie--can't believe it's almost birthday time!