Thursday, August 28, 2014

The spring re-cap series vol. 1

In an effort to document my children's lives since I can hardly remember anything anymore I must resort to these re-cap posts that detail months of their lives.  They'll thank me someday, right?  I'll attempt to hit the high points of our past few months over the next few posts....

Over spring break we headed north for our first full family trip to the Smokey Mountains with the grandparents.  We had a nice cabin (complete with hot tub which was likely Hank's favorite feature of the trip) and spent a few days exploring one of our favorite places with the kids.  I mean traveling with kids is a lot of things-mostly totally exhausting and completely opposite of a vacation, often requiring days upon returning home to recover, BUT I do think our kids travel pretty well and honestly it is easier now that there are so many of them.  It could be that after 5 years of parenting we have just mellowed and lowered our expectations to rock bottom or it could be that we're just getting better at it-I'll go with that.  Either way, as long as the crew is all together they seem to adapt pretty well and enjoy the change of scenery.  Hank found his love for historic grist mills, Lucy enjoyed the abundance of streams to throw rocks into, and June, as usual, just enjoys being along for the ride.  Lots of waterfalls (Lucy's favorite), hikes, wildflowers, and even a horsedrawn wagon ride...The kids still ask me all the time when we can go back to the Smoky Mountain.  

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  1. Have you guys thought about camping in the Smokies?! It's wonderful in the fall and we could see if we could get a grandparents camping trip or cabin trip, if you would rather. We have already been thinking of going, probably staying at our usual place in Gatlinburg to take advantage of hook ups. Mid-October to first week or so in November it's gorgeous there, decked out in fall colors.